Hello everyone,

it's your fellow SternuS speaking. Since the last time I introduced myself on the old forums, things have changed a bit, so let me introduce myself again.

I came into this mod in March 2013, a short while after my brother had bought SoaSE: Trinity, and after playing a couple hours of the game I got bored about the obnoxiously slow combat between ships, so I began searching for mods (a thing I don't usually do often). I discovered SotP and decided to jump aboard.

I was still in school back then, so I had enough time to get in multiple chats and topics and be a very active member. It is on that sole feature (and my general willingness to be of help) that I was offered the PlayTester status in August of the same year, officially PM'd by our very own Sloosecannon. It may seem a bit off, but as a guy who lives in the open fields of Italy with a scarce connection to the advanced rest of the world, I still consider it my first great achievement. The forums were still live and operative back then, and I remember most of the testers and the now-long-gone modders who were part of the team back then. It was such a thriving community and a beautiful experience, I will always be thankful to the Staff of SotP in the years to come.

I have served the corps since then, with my great pleasure and fun, and I hope I've been of some help to the team. I'm far from being the best player in the corps, and I have few hours into the game compared to most other members, but I've always focused a lot when playing and made the most out of the time I tested the game. If I have to be proud of something in the past years, that'd be when the PT corp was comprised of me and Crisiss and it was just us testing the .75 version of the game. I was, am, and will always be thankful to all of the team for the good things they did for me, for the general good graces shown in my favor.

But alas, as life goes on, priorities shift and evolve, and I've found myself recently with less and less time to give to SotP. I became less active on the forums and had several weeks of hiatus on testing in the recent months, part of this due to my new work. I don't have time anymore to act like Spock as I used to and generally play the role of an unknown member of the forums, and that is why I've changed my nickname. I am now more connected to the world, willingly or not, than 4 years ago, and all the time I can give to these forum I will give it as myself.

I will always be proud to be a Tester of this mod, and I will try my best to continue to help the corps if our Lord and Saviour Unikraken and his minions, our beloved Mod team, are graceful enough to keep me on the team, although I won't be as active as before. I want to make this clear, I'm saying (or writing?) this because I'm not retiring, I still really want to be part of the team for as long as I'm allowed to stay in. Which is something I'm really proud of.

So, after this exceedingly long and selfish wall of text, I thank you for the time spent together, and I look forward to keep sharing this beautiful universe that is Halo with all of you.

Welcome to Sins of the Prophets! Ciao!