Halo Riddle Thread

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

I attained this mantle by way of war - Attained his power by defeating his father in a duel.

My mighty fist feared by all. - The fist of Rukt

I've lead through soil and sky and faith. - Lead his forces on his ship and on harvest. His faith in the forerunners drove him.

But even I must fall. - Defeated by Tartarus in a duel, ended with him falling down the elevator shaft.

+1 to Whitehalomango

Well damn, I really didn't expect that to be it. Now I have to come up with another riddle...




I have being through dawn.

Held steadfast against the rising tide.

Journeyed through the howling dark.

I saw the other side yet did not survive.

I think I know this one... but Imma let some other people guess first.

The leader of the squad of marines in Mona Lisa?


Hotter or colder?

You were close with Miranda