CSO Suggestion

So, I'ma try this again.

So I had this Idea since many people want to see the CSO ingame.
But because its so huge bla bla bla balancing problem we will never going to see it beeing playable.

My Suggestion is that the CSO is added as a gigantic shipwreck to the map like the Halo ring or other map stuff.


Archive Thread https://archive.sinsoftheprophets.com/index.php?/topic/2470-c-s-o-suggestion-blessed-by-unikraken/

awesome ideas and suggestions From Lord Stark

"If possible, you could put it in orbit of a volcanic planet (or a glassed planet) and name it Saepon'kal and make it the graveyard of the Combined Fleet of Righteous Vigilance."



I love the idea. Basically like the in-game Halos.

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Support: but not from a person as reputable as Unikraken

Another day - another feature. Maybe there is a place for such stuff, though defenitely not above planet. The ship is just too large and if we re-scale it, then what CSO is that? CSO supposed to be big and that is exactly what fans expect from it. So we can simply put a bigger model into non-planetary gravity well, so there will be no other massive object to compre them, i.e. LARGE CSO wreckage is OK.

I think it will fit perfectly to some kind of debris/asteroid field.

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