Same drill as last time everyone, if you have any screenshots you want to share with the rest of the fanbase, post them in here. Let's see what sort of epicness y'all can come up with, or even just repost old shots from the previous incarnation of the forums. Not to be confused with the thread where you post your original work, this thread will hopefully be strictly in-game shots for everyone to enjoy.

UNSC Infinity seen doing one last search for survivors after shattering a Covenant armada near T'vao.

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Quick screenshot from my last game

I've got at least few screenshots to share. A small handful. Perhaps a tad few.

No, but seriously, a whole lot'ta screenshots that I've accrued through my time of playtesting, filed out into Imgur galleries.


The Fleet of Particular Justice tore through Earth's defenses without too much of an effort, thus ending the long-lasting Human-Covenant war.
Humanity had fallen.

Reminder to all: Try to keep images in imgur albums, it saves on space/bandwidth.

Perhaps off topic, but there are so many 'last stand' stories in SoTP. Truly one of the best parts of the mod. In any case, I had a few pictures rummaging around somewhere...Ill try to find them.

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Large scale Operations conducted by the UNSC against the Covenant and their colonies. Due to being on the defensive, the UNSC adopted a literal ring of defenses. Mostly made up of ODP's, these planets had upwards of 100 Sabre Hangars and between 300-4000 Orbital Defence Platforms. The UNSC fleets stationed at each planet would be significant too. Whilst the command and control vessel of the picket fleet could be any light ship class (Frigates), they provide the first wall of rocks to break the wave of fighters and strike bombers from reaching the Orbital Defence Ring and are usually situated by the Slip Lanes.

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