Screen is cut off in game

it may be a coruppeted game download I would recommend unintalling the mod then re intaling if that dosnt work then I don't know what else

See i have already done that twice and the same error occurs. Damn computers not working for me. Alright thanks for the help anyways!

Do i have to use an addon like WINRAR? I just dragged the mod from the folder to the place where it says to go per the instructions and it extracts it that way with no other help.

If you could possibly provide a screenshot, that would help.

What is your screen resolution, and what resolution do you have the game running at? This doesn't sound like a SotP related issue, though I'll be happy to help as much as I can. We haven't had any bugs like this reported internally.

My screen resolution is 1920x1080. From in game I do not know it does not say in the display options what I am running at just that I need to be above a certain resolution that I am currently good with. I will be providing screen shots shortly. I am almost positive it is my computer problem not the game that i cannot figure out because i am not computer savy I just operate Radars for a living.

"Even with all this Radar, we still can't seem to find any morale"

screenshots will help post them ASAP

it looks okay to me I would suggest that you go to discord and tell people there they may know something I don't sorry I ncouldnt help

Sorry im a boot, what is discord? Is that another forum page?

go into options in the top left hand corner and look for the word discord click ikt make an account and join us

Sounds good I will do that, thanks for the help.

i am also expericing this same problems too despite playing it on my own pc , please is there any guaranteed way out