As the topic title says, when playing virtually any file format (MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV,... just to name a few that I've just tested), the latest versions of VLC media player screw up the audio portion of the file content; athough the sound can be heard it is totally screwed up! That's why I am still forced to use version 2.0.8, which is the last one that doesn't have this problem. And now it's the 2nd update already out that does this, i.e. after VLC 2.1.0 now the same shit happens with the new just released VLC 2.1.1 ("Twoflower")Is it possible that the issue is sound card related? But why would the problem start only with the latter versions of VLC? I use SB Live! 24-bit sound card, while there's also an on-board Realtek HD Audio (Realtek ALC883) in this computer, which I don't use.

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