Im new to pc and i need help downloading the mod

I don't understand how to download the mod I've downloaded the mod to my pc and cracked I have homeworld remastered which has the classic and remastered versions of homeworld one and two and i dnt know where to put the files and data for the mod, i read the directions and followed as best as i could but i didn't work and it just took me to the normal homeworld two game instead of homefront. If anyone could give me a detailed walkthrough on how to download the mod it would be greatly appreciated.

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However, the process can vary depending on the game and the mod itself. Here are general steps that might guide you:

Basic Steps:
Identify the Game:
Make sure you know which game the mod is for. Mods are typically specific to certain games.
Check Mod Requirements:
Ensure that your game version and any required dependencies for the mod are up to date.
Find a Trusted Source:
Download mods only from reputable sources. Popular platforms like Nexus Mods, Steam Workshop, or the official game website are often safe.
Example Steps using Nexus Mods:
Create an Account:
Some modding websites, like Nexus Mods, might require you to create an account.
Download Mod Manager:
Install a mod manager if the game supports it. Mod managers help you easily install and manage mods.
Browse Mods:
Find the mod you want on the website. Download links are usually available on the mod page.
Download Mod:
Click the download link on the mod page. The mod file (usually a ZIP or RAR archive) will be saved to your computer.
Extract Files:
If the mod is in a compressed format (ZIP or RAR), use a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the files.
Install with Mod Manager:
If you have a mod manager installed, it often involves dragging and dropping the mod files or using the manager's interface to install.
Install Manually:
If you're not using a mod manager, follow the mod's installation instructions. This often involves copying the mod files to a specific folder in the game directory.
Run the Game:
Start the game and check if the mod is active. Some mods might have additional in-game settings or menus.

Always read the mod instructions carefully. Some mods might have specific installation steps or compatibility requirements.
Backup your game saves before installing mods, just in case there are any issues.

Be cautious about using multiple mods together, as they might conflict. Check for compatibility notes on the mod pages.

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