Literature Thread

This thread is for the members of the community to recommend books and reading pieces. Share some of your favourite novels, stories and ideas with the community as well as discuss the literature.

To start off I would recommend Halo: Hunters in the Dark

The novel does a lot to highlight the post war tensions between Sangheili and Humans as well as their newfound cooperation. The strengths and weaknesses of both sides are contrasted throughout the book and convey the sense that both sides are better off when working together. The story explores much of the locales of the ark that we've already seen and some new ones as well, revealing the exotic wildlife and environments housed there. This book is packed with intense action though at the same time manages to convey the story in an organic way even when things have settled down focusing on the growing ties between the two forces as they journey to find out what is happening at the Ark.

The Witcher series. Hands down some of the best books I've ever read. Just the way they're writen constantly leaves you in suspense, never knowing what will happen next and boy, are there some plot twists!

Anything in Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. I'd suggest the following reading order.

Mistborn Trilogy (First a sort of political fantasy, then becomes something else)
Mistborn: Secret History (A novella following Kelsier, a character introduced in the first book, and probably my favorite or second favorite Cosmere book)
Elantris (About city of beings who formerly had massive power, but are now stuck unable to heal or stop feeling pain)
The Emperor's Soul (A novella set on a different continent on the same world as Elantris, and probably my favorite or second favorite Cosmere book)
Warbreaker (A novella set in a Kingdom where people die, and come back to life, requiring a weekly supply of "breath," which is the source of this world's powers, in order to not die. Those who come back to life, the Returned, are worshiped as Gods, and one main character is a Returned who doubts his own divinity)
Wax and Wayne Quartet (Set on the same world as Mistborn, but a few hundred years in the future, with tech equivalent to "Wild West" and early 20th Century inner cities, depending on which areas of tech we're speaking of)
Stormlight Archives (Basically an Epic fantasy, currently has the most elements from other Cosmere books. First book is basically a giant Prologue; second book is where the plot really kicks into gear)

I grabbed a bunch of the Halo comics the other day, specifically Helljumper and Uprising. I prefer Helljumper to Uprising, but they were both pretty good.

On an non-Halo note, 'In Harms Way' is a really awesome novel of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. I think everyone should read it, seriously. Its brutal, but oh-so-good.

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