The Official Status Thread

STATUS: Why is this elite's face covered in jelly!?!?!?!

@sloosecannon Well, jee, now THAT'S a good question...

Also, what is everybody's opinion of Paintball? I'm probably gonna be doing some soon so I'm interested in how it work and what not. Any idea how long do 200 paintballs last?

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@Whitehalomango If you have a steady trigger finger and pick your shots you can make 200 last a nice few hour day of shooting at each other. Love paintball, haven't done it in years though because of the cost

y no one posting this forum so ded

@The-Judge nah forums dead because new forum old forum was cooler.

Look at Ironclad Games, using mods to help promote the next update of Rebellion.

@KhevaKins feelsbadman they only show start wars and star trek no Halo mod

@베이클라이트 said in The Official Status Thread:

@KhevaKins feelsbadman they only show start wars and star trek no Halo mod

That simply means we have some place to grow. Although the next release is more about quality than content, there will be some new groundbreaking features. Creative players on the Covenant's side will find them interesting. As for the UNSC... You will not be disappointed.

@베이클라이트 In their update video they literally have some footage we took of the mod.

Some cool new Lekgolo based units coming to Halo Wars 2. I would love for some more lore for the hunters. Are they still supposed to have intelligence to how many worms make up a whole? Like a hive mind.