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Huh, image tool isn't working so here's the link.

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@The-Judge Unikraken said no more polandballs go away with this crap bruh

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@베이클라이트 Pretty sure that's not a rule, unless it was on the Old Forums.

@The-Judge Wanna bet it is I asked Uni on steam before the new forums opened.

@베이클라이트 Ah damn, and it was the one thing I was good at.
Kill me please
The Forums apparently hate Imgur URLs.

@The-Judge said in Show off what you can do!:

The Forums apparently hate Imgur URLs.

You just plain suck why can I post my imgur links HUH?

Is it getting hot in here oh yeah!


FIgured out how to properly export my texture maps from substance painter to use in stellaris stupid game.
no more ugly placeholder textures. Now with NICE placeholder textures

about 4 hours for each of em