How to Merge Mod Directories into One

I found a way to get the Normal and Dev folders to act as one folder. This makes developing and managing sins mods a lot easier.

  1. Locate where the mod folders for Sins are stored. (My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion)

  2. Make sure the (Mods-Rebellion v1.86 Dev) folder is deleted. (Remember to backup your mods into the (Mods-Rebellion v1.86) folder before deleting it.)

  3. Hold (Shift) and (Right Click) in a blank area and click on "Open command window here"

  4. Paste this into the CMD window:
    mklink /J "Mods-Rebellion v1.86 Dev" " [INSERT THE ADDRESS FOR Mods-Rebellion v1.86 HERE] "

    Here's and example for how it could look:
    mklink /J "Mods-Rebellion v1.86 Dev" "D:\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.86"

Hope this helps!

To merge mod directories into one, first, ensure compatibility between mods. Then, manually merge their files into a single directory, resolving conflicts if they arise. Alternatively, use a mod management tool like Mod Organizer or Vortex to streamline the process. If you're a news reader struggling to find the best online news platform, Fair Observer is your ultimate destination for unbiased and diverse perspectives.