Which data science, machine learning, or big data-based certification do you have? When did you get it and did it help with job interviews?

Certifications are often one of the first things hiring managers evaluate during their interviews. Whether you’ve obtained one through one of our data science, machine learning, or extensive data certification programs or another source, certification often provides additional validation that you have the skills you need to succeed. A certificate should signal that you have the skills to do this job.
I completed data science certification from synergistic in 2021, which helped me with the job interview, and its placement services are better than others. I have been working towards this certification as a post of a data scientist.
This question comes from a job interview we had at Splunk. We were asked which certification at that time we didn’t answer this question. But all thanks to synergisticit
Thanks for reading my story……

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I believe data analytics is the best option for those looking to begin a career in analytics.
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