Hey there everyone, I'm Idio! Or Matt, whatever you like - though I have been almost exclusively called by my moniker of Idio for the better part of 12 years, within the Halo community.

Most don't know me personally in the broader Halo community, but I have had my hands in every major community that there is known in Halo, and many of you will have likely seen me in one place or another, if you've been around since the days of at least Halo 2. I was there for every major ARG, including ILB (I Love Bees, Halo 2), Iris (Halo 3), Evil Awakens (Halo 4), Glyph (Halo Waypoint - Halo 4), ONI.SEC3 (Halo 4 - Halo 5), #HTT (Hunt the Truth, Halo 5), #HTS (Hunt the Signal, Halo 5), etc. Whenever there's a conspiracy in Halo, I'm there for it. Not sure how many can say that, but I'm sure there's a few of us, and I think it's a testament to the time I've been around Halo. I'm also the guy who wrote all of the unofficial transcripts for ILB, and HTT, so if you ever read anything about those podcasts it's because I painstakingly [read: sloppily] typed what I heard. I'm not part of the lore for nuthin', <ONI.SEC3> OPIDIO reportin' fer duty.

Aside from ARG fun, I'm also the QA Lead right here, for Sins of the Prophets, and you'll likely see me pestering testers to get testin'. It's their work that helps find bugs, and lets the devs squash 'em, and without me they'd probably still do that, because I'm the most expendable part of the dev team. Want my job? You can have it, for the incredible salary of $0.00 per year, with pay up to $0/hr, and a raise of 200% after your first year; plus, a hefty year end bonus of $0.00!

I'm also QA Lead on Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved, a Halo full conversion mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars, QA Tester for Dawn of the Reapers, a Mass Effect full conversion mod for SoaSE:R, and a Community Manager for Phoenix of War, a Halo based gaming community.

Outside Halo, and modding, I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. I have a history of playtesting professionally, and I've been involved in some way or another within the gaming industry for years, having been a writer and/or editor on multiple well known tech and gaming sites, community manager for several groups, and general gaming enthusiast. Games have been a hobby, and a career for me since the beginning,

I enjoy Halo (No duh), Deus Ex, Dead Space, Half Life, Mass Effect, |Insert other SciFi games here|. I'm an avid gamer, and always have been. I enjoy practically any type of game, and don't care whether it's a shooter, or platformer... As long as it has a deep story, good gameplay, and a fantastic soundtrack I'll play it. I love music, and when a game has a OST that can make me cry at its beauty, then it's sure to go down in my all time favorites, and that's what Halo did for me when I first played Halo 2 (And before you say it, YES Halo TWO was my first Halo game, not CE) nearly 12 years ago. I was involved in "I Love Bees" the Halo 2 ARG, and that's really, technically speaking, my first experience with Halo. Soon after that, when Halo 2 was released I made sure to play Halo Combat Evolved, and read the books so I could become more invested in the universe. I've spent more time playing Halo games than I'd like to admit to... It's been a good 12 years.

Wow, this is getting way too long, so I'm just going to end it with that.

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