Arma 3: Operation Trebuchet (Halo) mod Server

If any and all fine people her own a copy of Arma 3, come on over and play with together in the Arma's Halo mod.
We're looking to expand our numbers so we can have expanded operations

Fallen Tribute Gaming is a Arma 3 based community that runs OPTRE Zeus missions. We are public to any and all players who want a solid community to enjoy every little aspect both Zeus ops and OPTRE have to offer them. We host ops every day and post updates for the server on both the TeamSpeak and on our Steam Group.

The only thing the members of FTG asks is that you listen to the rules. We never like having to use force or restrict gameplay. But to ensure everyone enjoys their time, we will not think twice if you become a problem.


Map: Isla Duala -

● Client side mods are allowed. But we ask that you keep those only for Enhanced Movement or ACE extensions. Please no RHS.

● We may also run additional mods/maps for set events.


Server IP:

Steam Group:

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