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So, I'ma try this again.

So I had this Idea since many people want to see the CSO ingame.
But because its so huge bla bla bla balancing problem we will never going to see it beeing playable.

My Suggestion is that the CSO is added as a gigantic shipwreck to the map like the Halo ring or other map stuff.

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awesome ideas and suggestions From Lord Stark

"If possible, you could put it in orbit of a volcanic planet (or a glassed planet) and name it Saepon'kal and make it the graveyard of the Combined Fleet of Righteous Vigilance."

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Is it getting hot in here oh yeah!

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Im bringing back the most popular thread of the old forum back oh yesh.
discuss everything regarding mechas in here.

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upcoming anime thats worth to watch
THE ORIGIN - Chronicle of the Loum Battlefield

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