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Microsoft Word is the most famous text editor at present. You can use it on both the Windows and Mac computers. It can convert a Word document to JPEG and also any other image file format. Here are the easy steps listed below to convert your documents into JPEG format.

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The Dark Mode feature allows users to completely modify the look and experience of the application like File Explorer and Office applications and one can use it via the Settings page. Here is the stepwise guide for enabling Dark Mode for OneNote on Windows 10. The steps are listed here.

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Accidentally deleted an important file or backup from your iCloud account? Sometimes while cleaning up or removing unnecessary files, we delete some wrong file mistakenly. But don’t worry, if you have deleted any wrong file from your iCloud drive, then you can restore it. Here is a way to get your deleted data back from iCloud.

Source:- [Get the Deleted Data Back from iCloud](a4161f26-9c38-49b0-8914-c097fb7997ee-image.png link url) | | |