Ship Names and other suggestions

Okay. I think i've seen this before somewhere else so i'm sorry if it is going against something. But I have to put this out there. First off is there anyway to extend the name of a ship for a self made name. i.e. the spaces allocated once you rename the ship cause like say i wanted to rename a ship Long Night of Solace there wouldn't be enough space. If this is hardcoding then maybe a list of ship name allocated to a class e.g. long night of solace to supercaps of the cov. Shadow of Intent for cas etc. Another suggestion is to take out the UNSC prefix and make it like a permanenet thing or something like in SStellaris

I've got to agree with this. I don't think there's a way to make ship names longer, but geez the default ship names used in this mod are awful IMO.

I mean there's whole lists of good ship names from the halo universe to use. The Io, Witness, Gettysburg, etc. etc. etc.

No, you can't change the number of spaces.

Additionally, you can't allocate certain names to certain classes, nice as that would be.

As for your last suggestion, I'm unsure what you mean.

Flavivs, could you give some specific examples of names you dislike?

I mean, every time I turn around it's always "Allied ship UNSC Danger Zone was destroyed" or whatever. At the very least, you could vastly expand the roster of names.

Reminder that the UNSC has 49 capital ship names, which is more than double the amount of capital ships the UNSC can even field. That said, by all means start up a thread for suggesting new names and put out a list.

I mean you can just look at the page for the Epsilon Eridani Fleet and get a massive list of names. I'll do that I think, when I get some time.

@FlavivsAetivs said in Ship Names and other suggestions:

I'll do that I think, when I get some time.

@candy clicker When I have some free time, I believe I will do it.