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Okay. I think i've seen this before somewhere else so i'm sorry if it is going against something. But I have to put this out there. First off is there anyway to extend the name of a ship for a self made name. i.e. the spaces allocated once you rename the ship cause like say i wanted to rename a ship Long Night of Solace there wouldn't be enough space. If this is hardcoding then maybe a list of ship name allocated to a class e.g. long night of solace to supercaps of the cov. Shadow of Intent for cas etc. Another suggestion is to take out the UNSC prefix and make it like a permanenet thing or something like in SStellaris

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Its probably its way of dealing with the covenant possibly
Although thats a pretty dumb way since assault carriers and everyother covenant ship (capital) having the word carrier in it aside from the cruisers. But i feel the game itself is actually pushing you to use carriers anyway. cause epoch, punic and orion are all carriers and the eion is just another representation. in fact eions are probably to counter the massed hordes of fighters from a cas.