Hi there everyone,my name is Tim, also known as MrTimm on some Halo community and gaming website's. I'm the lead developer of a Halo RTS mod known as Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved.

As I'm getting close to release the first Alpha build of the mod I'm still missing voice actors for the units the mod would contain.For the people that dont know what Evolutions is here is brief history.

Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved is a Halo RTS mod for the game Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

The goal of this mod is to bring Halo RTS to the pc before Halo Wars 2 was a thing and Halo Wars DE, the mod started its development in 2009 original by SgtForge then at 04/05/2011 I took over the development of the mod, now most of the art is done expect for a couple art assets then you can see on our Trello page


I believe a mod isnt a real mod if most or even all of the original game content is removed or replaced including audio. Our soundtrack designer made a great soundtrack and upload it to his Soundcloud account, if you want to take a listen to it here is the link.


Now while i'm working on the mod to get the first release out, I'm searching for people that are willing to do some voice acting for the unit's that this mod is going to contain and that's going to be allot.

If you think you got the voice to be for example a ODST or a spartan, or just a mad man driving the scorpion tank feel free to give it a try, if I think two or even three of you guys got the perfect voice for lets say a Marine I'll contain all three of the voices in the mod since marine's would be working in squads instead of a single unit.

If you want to do more then one unit then feel free to voice the others as-well.

However I have a small request which is that if you are doing for example the UNSC line's you make a folder structure as followed.

---Run over

and have the file name's be as followed and in the corresponding folder.


If you have done all of that you can send them over to me in a Private message, or send them over to the Gmail that is specially made for this Official363productions@gmail.com Some of the line's are marked in red which means they are already done, but don't let that stop you if you want to fulling the line's I'm searching for some good quality
audio and voice records for this mod.If I got your attention and you are now jumping in your chair to record some line's here is the link to the google spreadsheet I made.


and if you come up with some extra's that are not listed for one of the action's or extra one's for lets say Movement just record as I feel there could be improvement on the current spreadsheet.Thanks for reading and I hope you guys would like to contribute to this project.

Regards ~ Tim

PS if you would like to see what I have done so far please follow this link to the moddb page: