Hello! Damn, it's been a while since I've seen SoTP. I remember one of the earliest versions, on ModDB, with me waiting 3+ hours for it to download...

Ah, horrible internet days. I don't miss em. Anyway, figured I'd come here and chat. Loved Halo, and by extension its lore, ever since I got a 360 and "Fall of Reach". Cheers!

Welcome, returning person!

Avoid the wrath of the Kraken, ignore the screams coming from the dungeons, and don't eat the brownies.

If you decide to attempt an overthrow of the Kraken, your local Proper Obedience and Education Officer will correct this.
Have a nice day!

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Welcome back to the new forums! This is the place to come and chat about everything Halo, so... Enjoy!

Here's a belated welcome back, Delernil.

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