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I'm Idio, not idiot!

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Basically, I've been around Halo for a good long while, played all the games, read the books, know the community, and most importantly of all I can aim a BR at someones head if required. I find Halo fascinating, and if there's one thing in the world that I'm able to say I nerd out over it'd have to be Halo. The gameplay, lore, soundtrack, and community have kept me on board the series for over a decade, and as Sergeant Johnson once said, I'm most certainly the "hardest of the hardcore" of the Halo fan base. I'm a speed runner, LASO go'er, avid forger, Slayer when needed, support whenever, and I will shoot and scoot 'till I keel over-- so I'd suggest shooting at me first. Past all that though I am currently working as: QA Lead at Slugfest Studios on "Sins of the Prophets"; QA Lead/Lead Writer at 363 Productions on "Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved"; QA Tester at Prolific Studios on "Dawn of the Reapers"; QA Tester at SoGE Development Team on "Sins of a Galactic Empire".

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