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Idio ,

Thank you very much for the quick response, it appears that I am running Alpha v0.88, so we're all good there (No Darkspacing for me)!

I really appreciate the detailed explanation in regards to the reasons behind why the AI has been set up the way it has. Initially, I was just concerned that I was missing out on some nuance or aspect of the game, since it seemed to be able to become such an economic powerhouse so quickly. For me, the overwhelming AI feels realistic when playing as the UNSC against the Covenant.

Subsequent games have definitely being going better, and now at least I know that I'm not crazy :)

Again, thanks for the quick and detailed response. I'm really enjoying the game and will definitely check out the Discord server.


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I am a huge fan of this mod - being both a huge Halo and Sins fan, this is a match made in Heaven for me! I really enjoy the approach of accurately reproducing the feel of the struggle of the UNSC against the Covenant.

I do have one question/piece of feedback and I wanted to see if anyone else had similar experiences. Playing against the Coventant AI on Easy Random, they still seem overwhelmingly powerful (even playing as the covenant against them). Over multiple plays, they'll easily keep all forms of economy/income skyrocketing, and they will build a Titan within the first 25-30 minutes of the game. My wife and I are not inexperienced Sins players (only playing against multiple hard enemies in vanilla sins). Obviously the balance in this version is much different, it just seems crazy how "good" the easy AI is...I'm afraid to see what the higher levels of difficulty are capable of!

I know the developers have no control over the way the base AI are in Sins, and you have been trying to tweak their behavior with prices, classification of ships/abilities, and with hidden steps in the tech tree, I just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this kind of behavior. It's not uncommon for an easy AI to take over the majority of the map in a relatively short time frame.

Again, thanks for the amazing work with the mod, I'm a huge fan and I am frankly incredibly impressed with the level of polish it has at this Alpha stage.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on what I'm seeing.