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There hasn't been thusfar. I myself am mostly pre-occupied with finding a job. It's kinda hard getting around without one. No idea where the other team members are, unfortunately. If you want you could get into the staff section or mention us in a chat, perhaps that'll get things going?

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@ryanenage said in The Great Migration:

How does everyone like the layout? I think it's an interesting new look, albeit a bit confusing since I'm used to the standard linear top-down layout

I am still sort of strugling with the new lay-out. My impression is that it seems to follow a trend, one that caters to mobile. I generally don't browse via mobile, so I can relate to your confusion. But with Sloose's help I am certainly getting the hang of it. It really helps that NoteBB has dutch translations. Nothing wrong with my english, but it just makes it that tad bit easier to get around fast.

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@sloosecannon Awesome. Reliable as always, thanks Sloose. This means it's time for me to get this CaW section set up!

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Thusfar I recognize a lot of general forum things, but I would like to be able to know more about arranging lay-out etc. (especially for group owners) and the way the forum is build up (who sees what, how do subforums work, etc.). Which reminds me, I requested to join some groups and would appreciate similar permissions as I had before (so in this case I believe group owner is the most important one). I contacted Unikraken about it, but I am not sure if you guys are going with the same policy as before in regards to who becomes moderator/admin. If that makes sense.

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Is there a manual we can read or something? The lay-out of NoteBB is quite different (and like many things these days, strikes me as optimized for mobile. Which I am not. I am like ground control, stuck to one place).

Also it seems Bornstellaris has trouble with the confirmation email (it's not getting through). Perhaps this is something you can assist with too?