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@Whitehalomango If you have a steady trigger finger and pick your shots you can make 200 last a nice few hour day of shooting at each other. Love paintball, haven't done it in years though because of the cost

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I'm pretty sure it already is changed to the corresponding dropships.

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@Delernil Yeah I was doing it at my local game store, I even bought my later models there. No one else plays it at the store. What a shame.

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I got the first release of it as well as the Punic expansion. Played a few times with my friend who also had it. I love the game, but since he stopped playing, I have no one else to play with. It's not very popular here in the States because Spartan games isn't either.

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It took me three hours to fix my Vita today. I think that's more time than Sony spent supporting the thing.

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@Sookendestroy1 That's a pretty good representation of an H&K handgun

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Hello all, I'm the silent watcher in the background. Been here since the beginning, never spoke up. I'm one of the voice actors too. Keep up the good work everyone.