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Leader of the Halo 5 clan UNSC Battlegroup Dakota and have been leading or apart of clans since 2010 (Reach). My group has a unique approach to clan battles. We use Teams with objectives or on some maps multi-objectives to challenge our leaders. On Halo 5 we have 3 branches// 506th Tank Regiment: Uses UNSC ground vehicles in Warzone from Warthogs to Scorpions. Helping keep the enemy contained and the skies clear. Spartan III: Spartan IIIs are basically tacticians, they are informed of a target example being Spire. As Spartans they need to know how to take the objective, What gear to bring? Where is the enemy weakness? Using tactical maneuvers to secure the objective and maintain it. Spartan II: Spartan IIs are the ground strategists. They focus on the "Why", why is Spire needed? Why not send our members somewhere else? Navy (Battlegroup Dakota): This branch is still in development, operating not on Halo 5 but Halo Wars 2 and Sins of the Prophet.
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@agigabyte Thanks :D

If anyone is interested please message me. There is a huge chunk of info that I didn't type because well it's hard to explain over text but basically think of Galactic Conquest from Battlefront 2 in relation to SotP and ground engagements being Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2.

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Hello everyone,

I lead a Halo 5 clan that is looking to create a unique way of having clan battles. We currently have Spartan IIs, Spartan IIIs and our Marine branch (506th Tank Regiment). We use teams and are objective based and even working on multi-objectives. Basically using Assault and Territories in the same game except if you score then bomb game over. It adds a twist to the game and also challenges us an a strategic level which is what we practice. So what does this have to do with Sins of the Prophet? Well we want to expand and add a Navy branch, I have talked to a few other clan leaders and are making preparations to expand to Sins of the Prophet and Halo Wars 2 for their Navy. If you are interested in being apart of this I can explain more in a conversation. You can get in contact with me on Xbox: Fred E 104 SII