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ok, fair enough. What guides to tactics and strategies are available? I made a post for tactics and strategies but so far no replies have been made. Have people already put something up?

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Please understand that I do not want shields on UNSC forces either. Rather an ability that grants shields for a short period of time.
I understand why shields would be a hot topic, and after hearing about the previous controversy surrounding the shields topic I can understand the curtness of your reply. Please let me explain further because I believe an answer to both options are available.

There are many styles to play in order to win, with capital ship on capital ship being only one way. One way that the UNSC will lose. If you look at all the play styles, Aggressor, Fortifier, Research, Econ, and even Live player styles like Fighter Spam or Quick Colonization, one fact remains. The UNSC will lose.
If right now you disagree consider this. If a full stack UNSC enters a system with full Cov defenses, what is the first move? Unless you can take down the beacon before reinforcements arrive you have both defenses and offenses to destroy. That is Possible, until the Cov full stack arrives. Then your fleet is gone. They launch torpedos which are just as strong (near as makes no difference) to the MAC. Simple example but concise and true nonetheless. Any play style that the UNSC can use the Cov can use as well with the added benefit of permanent shields. Therein lies the balancing issue.

So by now you are thinking that this guy doesn't have a clue, or maybe that you are tired of hearing about shields. This I understand and like I said above previous controversy can predisposition anyone from hearing a good idea, especially if that idea has been changed implemented and changed back. That is why a ability for capital ships is a good compromise.
Those who would rather upgrade Nukes and offensive capabilities still can, while those looking for more ship defense can complete the high tier research to equip said ability. All Cov ships have permanent shield, while only UNSC capital ships would, at late game, have the ability to pop shields for a short time. As its an ability the computer would trigger 9/10 times It would be triggered too soon or too late, meaning it wouldn't be totally reliable on a tactics standpoint, and all UNSC frigates would still be shieldless. This would still require intensive management to work correctly.

I honestly believe these editions would both silence the majority of the haters, balance the playing field, and still allow for the UNSC to be the underdog that we all know and love.
Either way I will still love and play the Mod as it is fun and enjoyable.
All that I ask is that you think on the points I have made.

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The halo universe is imbalanced. Naturally it has to be so, otherwise it would not of been as exciting a story. The COV would have faltered at Harvest. They would have never captured Reach. There ships wouldn't be the big scary destroyers of worlds.
They have to be stronger and better, faster and futuristic, more so than the already futuristic 24th century UNSC space ships.

There is just one issue, its not to fun to play.

Now try and understand, that I understand, that this is cannon. It must be so to stick with the story. Whether in the books, games, short movies, or comics the UNSC is always on the back foot.The only time humanity is a step up is with Infinity, And as far as the gameplay is concerned that's alright. But when my fleets burn like butter from plasma that is directed PERFECTLY upon them, I don't think to myself "wow how realistic to the story!".
I rage for 5 MIN as I wonder how the hell I can get A uperhand.

Do I love the MOD? YES! Is it fun to play? You better believe it is! Is it fun to watch my fleets fail time, and time again? I would say no.

So how can it be fixed?

The biggest thing I can think of for a quick and easy patch is UNSC shields. As this is of course non cannon a bit of specialty would need to be implemented.
The COV have permanent shields, that regenerate constantly. They are both strong and fast, but the UNSC has nothing in the way of shield tech ( minus the infinity of course).
what could be implemented is a high level research tier that creates a shield ability. UNSC ships will still travel shieldless but in engagements the ability would auto enable for a moderate amount of time. The shields would not last long (maybe they would use anti-mater??) and would not be as powerful as COV shield tech.

The emphasis would be on Hit and Run style tactics. It would also allow for UNSC ships to engage there COV counterparts on, at least, tactically even playing grounds.
Both frigates and cruisers would receive this ability.

There is just one problem... I don't know the problems.

  • What issues would arise from this idea?

  • Would SINS allow for a shield ability( to say would it allow for a ability to create shield on a entity that normally doesn't have them)?

  • How hard would it be to implement?

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Tactics and Strategy for SotP. What works for you?