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@slither io Are there any particular aspects of the Covenant or UNSC fleets you're interested in expanding?

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Look for subreddits or forums dedicated to SoTP. These online communities often have sections for players to connect and find groups. You can try posting a message stating you're looking for people to play SoTP multiplayer.

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Check your game settings to see if there's an option to enable or disable random events. It's possible you accidentally switched it off.

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Many gaming communities have Discord servers where players can chat, find groups, and schedule games. Search for servers dedicated to Halo modding or the specific mod you're interested in (Hugh Halo).

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@infinite craft Find the specific folder where mods for your game are installed. This location can vary depending on the game. Consult the mod's documentation or online resources for the exact directory path. Common locations include "Documents<Game Name>\Mods" or "Steam<Steam Library Location>\steamapps\common<Game Name>\Mods".