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Also, i will be more than happy if you just gave me permission to use some assets from some older versions, like 2016.

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This project is my first big undertaking, in the past, i have only done some funny short clips. However, i did upload my short 1-minute rendering test on Youtube. This test is a part of the series i mentioned. My aim is to make a animated series, which will depict the Human-Covenant war from a perspective of Naval personell and common marines on the ground. My aim for this series is for it to be serious (unlike my past work) and dark. The series will keep faithful to the Canon, besides some OC locations,ships and planets. You can check my rendering test here:

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Iam working on an animated series and i would love to use 3d models from Sins of the Prophets mod, since they're the best available on the internet. I want to ask for your permission.

It will be for 100% non-commercial use. You will, of course, be credited for the models.

Thanks in advance for the answer.