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may we remember the sacrifice of all who lost there lives in the Human-covenant war and Spartans NEVER DIE

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I am a big halo fan and have played of the games bar halo wars 2. The mod is the best halo experience for a strategy game I have ever seen and even on my crappy laptop it still looks fab well done to the modders for making a extremely well designed mod
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very good idea but there may be a problem with using an emp device as I think most covenant ship have systems that reduce the effects of an electro magnetic pulse however it may be fisable that the iniies stole an oni prowler that can cloak then they use a nuke to damage the shildes suffucently to board hope this helps

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how the hell can you download a mod for a game you 'cant update'

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music that goes well with halo and sins of the prophets
this topic is designed to let people show there taste in music thathey think goes well with halo or sisn of the prophets enjoy

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hey what ever forunner stuff is in the book could be used to inspire more variation the portal gardians instead of just the sentinels

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that would be good.

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hit and run works well with the UNSC carriers send in a large carrier force with some other ships for defence and spam fighters on there resherch buildings this is only a diversion as the main fleet hopfully comes to engage your carrier strike fleet while you attack a difrent planet full on hopfully taking it but be carful if the enemy send there fleet to engage your small strike group then use the fighters for a small covering screen and GTFO back to a friendly planet then renforce your forces if losses were sustained good micr can prevent losses

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very true but my experience of this was a little bit different I was about to jump and attack the last major UNSC fleet and when I my fleet arrived it turned out that the ai was about to jump to attack the world that it had just lost 30 UNSC ships including a level 5 Infinity class vs 250 cov ships including a level 10 OAS class I lost nothing and the infinity went down in a matter of seconds so the above strat does work enjoy burning the human scum