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It appears all neutral Forerunner mines are labeled as Titanium Mines, even if they are Deuterium Mines. I was playing on the huge muti-star no Flood map, with a single Covenant AI. This is feedback for 0.88.0. I didn't see a topic for 0.88, so I'll just leave it here.

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Did you did you put the second "SotP Alpha v0.81.2" folder in your mod folder or did use the first one inside the zip file? There is another folder called "SotP Alpha v0.81.2" inside the first. You have to use that one.

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It seems pretty dead around here, was there a Flood outbreak or something? ^^By the way, I had to do some "pro hacks" with the Windows PowerShell ( I pretty much used it to uninstall/reinstall the Store & Xbox Apps) just so I could log into the Windows store and Xbox App. Otherwise, HW2 wouldn't let pass the title screen.