Greetings from the only white person on the forum!

I'm probably the most racist and white mango you will ever talk to. Actually, for that matter, I'm probably the only mango you will ever talk to...

Besides that I'm also a playtester for Sotp and have being since, oh, late 2014 but unfortunately I don't manage to play as much as I would like these days due to school. I will still always keep in touch with the forums as I've developed a near addiction of bloody checking the forums every god damn half hour...Like everybody else here, I like Halo (what a surprise!) but I like a lot more than Halo, playing damned near well all the 'big hits' these days, as well as ye good ol' indie gem. For me, gaming is everything. I've being doing it my whole life, even if that is only 15 years now, on damned near ever modern console (except the Wii, I hate the Wii...). I'm also a massive bloody lore fanatic, as those who recall the Halo Riddle thread can remember, having read damned near well every book, save for the recent but thats just due to being 'down under' (late releases). Oh yeah, thats right, I'm a fucking Aussie. One that somehow managed to find the balance between humorous and insulting racism, which has found me as being the only white person on the forum! So, yeah, thats me I guess. Well, I lie, there is a lot more I could type but hey, A. I'm too lazy and B. I very much doubt any of youse want to hear me life story!

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