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@sloosecannon Well, jee, now THAT'S a good question...

Also, what is everybody's opinion of Paintball? I'm probably gonna be doing some soon so I'm interested in how it work and what not. Any idea how long do 200 paintballs last?

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Then I'm fucked if I want it one the PC it seems, as the Window Store sounds bullshit and you can't seem to get a physical PC copy in Australia...but at the same time, I just checked my redeem code thingy and it talks about using it on Xbox One AND Windows 10...I don't know what to think anymore...

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After you redeem a code on the windows store, where do you download it? Because in the wake of me not being able to find my Xbox One PSU, I just went and used the Season Pass and Halo Wars 1 code to see if I could at least download them but, well, nothing happened...

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Looking good Sev, awesome for a first try! Can I ask how you made them? I've always thought about trying to make different props and what not before but I just never know how to approach doing it...

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Lost my PSU for my Xbox One :frowning2: Anybody got an idea of where to get a replacement? Hoping to get on as soon as possible cause as it stands, Halo Wars 2 is just collecting dust...

P.S Shit, there a lot of emoticons...