vindicator class light battle ship

i have a suggestion on a new UNSC ship called the vindicator light battle ship I discovered it on a site called halopediea where it was given a brief description and has a very basic model as a cover image. it also gave some of the lore of the ship class and showed where it was seen in halo 4's level midnight using a glitch to see the models of ships that were meant to be in the background up close as yet I have not found a covenant equivalent to balance this but I am sure that there will be if someone digs deep enough also I found no evidence of a carrier called the eion class is this a variation of the posidon class light carrier thank you for reading this if you do.

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We've looked over the Vindication-class before, it might show up in the post war mod depending on the situation. Also the Eion is based off of the Musashi, it was only seen once in a comic and never since, pretty common occurrence.