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The forums have been pretty dead for a while so I'm hoping to spark a little bit of discussion on some things Halo.

Over the years the design of the Forerunners has shifted significantly. During the Bungie days the forerunners changed from having simple geometric shapes to having much more depth and varying their palette of geometry to include much more angular and organic shapes as well as varied colors.

With Halo 4 343 made the Forerunners in an all new light than anything bungie ever did, giving them an ultra advanced look, floating architecture and a certain angularity, a look that fit more with many of the feats described in the extended universe than the original trilogy. Some people hate this look, swearing to Bungies old style, some love it and others see it as a much needed addition to the forerunner artstyle rather than a replacement.

Where do you stand? Do you love the new artstyle? Hate it? What do you think the Forerunners should look like? feel like?

Post your thoughts below, keep it civil and have fun.

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