is this an issue with the mod or base game

I was playing sins of the prophets last night as the COV and the UNSC normal AI did nothing for the full 2 hours and 45 minutes that the game lasted. It did not colonise any planets not even those that were one jump out from its capital. The only thing it did do was build 3 ODP's and a single hanger defence.

It has never done this before any thoughts will be appreciated

This is an issue with base Sins, though we have been attempting to resolve the issue through some internal changes. We know about the issue, though as it stands there's not much we can do about it. It just happens sometimes.

Unfortunately we cannot dictate what the AI does, as it's all hard-coded into the game, and we can't touch it. We can influence them by changing prices on ships and structures, changing ship class roles, and putting research into the tech tree that players cannot get, but otherwise we're unable to do anything that would tell the AI "Hey, do something instead of sit around all match!"

Some of the issue comes with the way Titans work, some of it comes from buff changes that we have made - the issue may be partially resolved in the next release, though it is ongoing development trying to figure out a 100% solution eventually.

thank you for that I hope you manage to resolve this in some way