Screen problem

I have a problem with my screen in game, i try to reinstall the mod but it was in vain.
I attach some captures0_1504043333334_20170829234124_1.jpg 0_1504043355536_20170829234132_1.jpg 0_1504043368992_20170829234138_1.jpg 0_1504043372756_20170829234141_1.jpg 0_1504043767386_20170829235538_1.jpg

0_1504043768991_20170829235541_1.jpg 0_1504043770218_20170829235543_1.jpg
I have a 15.6" screen
I know that it not disturb the game but with more options, it can be a problem

it dosnt look broken to me

For me yes, this captures are in game.
I dont know how to fix it

what exactly happened with the screen

The HUD is not in proportion with the screen, its smaller

try messing with the UI scaling if that dosnt work then I don't know what is wrong

I cant, the UI settings dont have the option of "Apply" changes


It not appear the option of apply changes, with display option yes, but in UI no

okay I have no idea I would suggest going to the discord server and telling people about the issue there

Thank you for your help
I will try to solve this, maybe is just my computer and not the game