Arma 3: OPTRE

Does anyone here have Arma 3 and willing to play the Operation Trebuchet mod? Seeing as we're all Halo enthusiasts here.
Might set up a zeus missions or something.

Hell yeah! But, last I heard, OPTRE is unsupported. If it still works, Im game. I have one or two other people I used to play it with; I can see if theyre interested, if you want.

Well it is supported now! I did find a server for it called Operation Trident and there's quite a few on there. If you want to join that you can

I have yet to play the latest release, but I definitely do need to do it. I'm also fairly rusty at Arma III in general, so I'm totally up for a game, but don't expect me to survive through any ops.

Don't worry I'm still terrible at Arma

I played it in single. Call me to join you, if you need a pilot for a longsword, pelican, hornet or falcon. As for ground ops... let's just say I am a way too far from ODST guys. Aviation is my speciality. Best I can do on the ground is to provide fire/medical support.

My timebelt is GMT+3

P. S. UNSC only.

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@Battlemage1 Timezones may be a problem, but Ill try to hook you up all the same.

Well if you guys are interested there is a good group of people who play OPTRE on a dedicated ZEUS server