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Here is our Discord channel, where you can talk to other fans or members of Sins of the Prophets Development Team, such as playtesters and developers themselves. We'd be glad to see you there.


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  1. No, Sahara hasn't changed.

  2. Autumn was removed because of balance issues. We believe it too be underpowered - that's the 1st, and the 2nd - it will be back in Post-War Era mod. As of this moment, Valiant-class super cruiser replaced Autumn as a new mainstray heavy capital ship for direct engagements.

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@wayneplaysgamez said in Income strategies:

Morning everybody, I have been playing SOTP on and off for a little while. The #1 thing I always have trouble with is income.

When it comes to resources, I am usually on-par or slightly below AI, but with credits I am usually significantly behind. What am I doing wrong? Being at a disadvantage with income means that I can usually break even in early engagements but I slowly get chipped away at because I can't produce as fast as AI.

I am looking for tips and strategy that you all use for increasing income. ie focusing research or certain logistics structures early on.



Hello, wayneplaysgamez

Here is a short 5 step guide to UNSC economics.

  1. Increase population on every new planet you colonize. No exceptions.
    Note: if planet is in jeopardy, it would be reasonable to cease all upgrades immediately, until the situation stabilize.
  2. Fortify only critically important "choke points" worlds. Usually they have only 1 way in (for the enemy) and several ways out (for you). This will allow you to smooth defense spending and concentrate on fleet or economical needs.
  3. Research civic ECONOMICAL branch first. You're interested in trading and gas/metal mining researches.
  4. Build at least 1 trade station for every world. If possible, build orbital refinery too.
    Note: "choke point worlds" or "fortress worlds" may sacrifice their economical buildings for sake of more shipyards. So, shipyards for military hubs and research/economical structures for all others.
  5. DO NOT OVEREXPAND YOUR FLEET CAPACITY. Buy new fleet cap upgrade ONLY when you have resources to maintain it.

P.S. Quick expansion is vital for winning resource-wealthy strategy. However, this will leave your fleet completely vulnerable to Covenant's harrasment, so you better know when and where to stop and begin fortifications. While you do that, don't forget to follow guide's steps.

Final tought: SotP is known for it's unforgiving gameplay.

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Another day - another feature. Maybe there is a place for such stuff, though defenitely not above planet. The ship is just too large and if we re-scale it, then what CSO is that? CSO supposed to be big and that is exactly what fans expect from it. So we can simply put a bigger model into non-planetary gravity well, so there will be no other massive object to compre them, i.e. LARGE CSO wreckage is OK.

I think it will fit perfectly to some kind of debris/asteroid field.

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@베이클라이트 said in The Official Status Thread:

@KhevaKins feelsbadman they only show start wars and star trek no Halo mod

That simply means we have some place to grow. Although the next release is more about quality than content, there will be some new groundbreaking features. Creative players on the Covenant's side will find them interesting. As for the UNSC... You will not be disappointed.

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Don't touch Paris. Spam Halcyons and high-damage capitals and build clusters of ODPs and hangars in orbit of your borderline worlds. Have some Artemis-class capital ships near every ODP cluster in order to deal with enemy DOS-class long range battleships.

The rest you can figure out yourself.

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@The-Judge said in The Official Status Thread:

The Mod is probably relatively inactive because of this: http://www.moddb.com/mods/enders-game-formic-wars

No, actually the mod is heavily in development. What you gonna have in the next release will surely change your view of the mod. Several significant improvements have already been implemented. Not to mentoin all those you may consider "insignificant". But they all will have considerable impact on overall gameplay and balance, for both factions.

Just sit back, relax and wait for it. You will not be disappointed.

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I played it in single. Call me to join you, if you need a pilot for a longsword, pelican, hornet or falcon. As for ground ops... let's just say I am a way too far from ODST guys. Aviation is my speciality. Best I can do on the ground is to provide fire/medical support.

My timebelt is GMT+3

P. S. UNSC only.

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@KMS_chiefship said in The Official Status Thread:

(fun, dont take to sirous pls)
Just a thought: What if Trumpf is a Ferengi in disguise?

  • He is orange.
  • He always trys to maximise his profit.
  • He follows some wierd rules.
  • He ignores the enviroment (just take a look at Ferenginar)
  • He is worried that some of his bodyparts are not big enough (i know, normally they are worried about their ears, but maybe the real ferengi are more worried about the size of their hands?).
    (pls someone photoshop him to look like a ferengi, i bet it would look hilarious)

Nice try, Hillary.

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Do we have Stellaris ONLY testers? Perhaps there are people not interested in all games this project covers. I suggest to make 2 groups: Sins Branch and Stellaris Branch. Just to depict primary focus, not obligatory status.

Sins is orange and Stellaris is purple.