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@Whitehalomango said in Show off what you can do!:

Looking good Sev, awesome for a first try! Can I ask how you made them? I've always thought about trying to make different props and what not before but I just never know how to approach doing it...

Yeah sure. These props are based on the ones made by a guy called Andrew DFT. What's good about his ones is that he has video tutorials and templates for you to follow, showing you how he makes them. The videos with the phrase "How To:" at the beginning of the title are the tutorials.

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Link to image

My first ever attempt with making foam props. Still needs to be painted, but otherwise looking good so far :D

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NOT DYING TODAY! Also, no-one's hotter (and most of you are getting colder).

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Still going no-where guys.

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No. No-one's warmer or colder.

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