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Reminder to all: Try to keep images in imgur albums, it saves on space/bandwidth.

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Yeah, it ended up looking pretty good for my first model, this AK looked a lot better though.

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@Delernil said in Halo: Fleet Battles:

@The-Judge Yeah, that really is the worst part. Only made worse by the fact Spartan Games isn't popular in the US :(

@Diezel23 Aww, that sucks. If we can ever find a way to set one up online, that'd be cool with me.

Technically there is one if you bought it and have a rulebook:

Shout out to Kurt, one of our testers for working on that.

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Shiny new forums here eh.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the previous thread, this is the place to show off some of your artistic talents. Models, textures, artwork, music; all is welcome in this thread so show off what you can do! I'll start this thread out by posting some of my better work.


- Dont post artwork that isnt yours

- Try to keep posts to images/videos/links etc.

- If including descriptions try to keep them short.

- If possible keep images within spoiler tags.

- DAV re-model/texture

- DSC Model

- Vanguard Sentinel Model

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Actually mathematically those numbers fit with canon.

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The forums have been pretty dead for a while so I'm hoping to spark a little bit of discussion on some things Halo.

Over the years the design of the Forerunners has shifted significantly. During the Bungie days the forerunners changed from having simple geometric shapes to having much more depth and varying their palette of geometry to include much more angular and organic shapes as well as varied colors.

With Halo 4 343 made the Forerunners in an all new light than anything bungie ever did, giving them an ultra advanced look, floating architecture and a certain angularity, a look that fit more with many of the feats described in the extended universe than the original trilogy. Some people hate this look, swearing to Bungies old style, some love it and others see it as a much needed addition to the forerunner artstyle rather than a replacement.

Where do you stand? Do you love the new artstyle? Hate it? What do you think the Forerunners should look like? feel like?

Post your thoughts below, keep it civil and have fun.

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My first attempt at 3D modeling in an actual 3D program

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I personally am kind of torn on the topic of Forerunner design. On one hand the Bungie era forerunner artstyle is i c o n i c and sort of portrays the mystery and lack of life that the race embues. But the 343 designs kind bring the technology and complexities of the forerunners to light in a more realistic sense.

Like how in the books the Forerunners were portrayed as having lots of micro slipspace bubbles, dyson spheres inside of impossibly small points on a planet entirely made of sentinels, rooms that had strange ways of traversing them to actually progress without being trapped in a temporal reference frame. Lots of time, gravity and robotics.

But in more recent books became weird things like walls that absorbed you in weird ways to enter an unknown room, strangely specific gene seeds, and giant knife robots that EMP planets.

I prefer the old style for its iconic feel and simplicity but I also kind of see sense in the new styles, fitting moreso with the descriptions of the rates and the technological advancement of them as a race.

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Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

I attained this mantle by way of war - Attained his power by defeating his father in a duel.

My mighty fist feared by all. - The fist of Rukt

I've lead through soil and sky and faith. - Lead his forces on his ship and on harvest. His faith in the forerunners drove him.

But even I must fall. - Defeated by Tartarus in a duel, ended with him falling down the elevator shaft.

+1 to Whitehalomango

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I wish there was more forerunner stuff, I made a deal with mal that he could make the stormcutter and Gladius in exchange for anything forerunner in the book. lol

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Some random practice work I did a while back.

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This thread is for the members of the community to recommend books and reading pieces. Share some of your favourite novels, stories and ideas with the community as well as discuss the literature.

To start off I would recommend Halo: Hunters in the Dark

The novel does a lot to highlight the post war tensions between Sangheili and Humans as well as their newfound cooperation. The strengths and weaknesses of both sides are contrasted throughout the book and convey the sense that both sides are better off when working together. The story explores much of the locales of the ark that we've already seen and some new ones as well, revealing the exotic wildlife and environments housed there. This book is packed with intense action though at the same time manages to convey the story in an organic way even when things have settled down focusing on the growing ties between the two forces as they journey to find out what is happening at the Ark.

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Atriox is basically the Arbiter of the Brutes. However unlike the Arbiter Atriox and his clan were sent into suicide missions before being banished.

The Arbiter was immensely successful during the war, his success gained too much popularity for the heirarchs to ignore and thus looked for a way to have him removed to prevent the elites from gaining a leader. Becoming the arbiter he voluntarily participated in suicide missions in the hope that he wouldnt survive.

Atriox fought that way from the beginning and having survived was sentenced to death. His fame and strength gained him respect allowing him to recruit from the covenants forces as he rebelled, the Covenants inability to affect the Banished during the war just shows how powerful they really are.

The innies to humanity are significantly weaker than the UNSC, however the Banished are basically on par. That goes to show just how strong the force actually is even when they dont have the same empirical organization and supply as the Covenant.

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That would be awesome, just remember it is recommended that you purchase HFB in some regards, that's the whole reason the rule book is not included in that mod.

As purchasing from SG not only supports them but also 343 and all the people who work so hard there to bring us those fleet sets/games. Also shows people are interested in the space side of Halo.

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Mecha Johnson best Johnson