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I'm probably the most racist and white mango you will ever talk to. Actually, for that matter, I'm probably the only mango you will ever talk to...

Besides that I'm also a playtester for Sotp and have being since, oh, late 2014 but unfortunately I don't manage to play as much as I would like these days due to school. I will still always keep in touch with the forums as I've developed a near addiction of bloody checking the forums every god damn half hour...Like everybody else here, I like Halo (what a surprise!) but I like a lot more than Halo, playing damned near well all the 'big hits' these days, as well as ye good ol' indie gem. For me, gaming is everything. I've being doing it my whole life, even if that is only 15 years now, on damned near ever modern console (except the Wii, I hate the Wii...). I'm also a massive bloody lore fanatic, as those who recall the Halo Riddle thread can remember, having read damned near well every book, save for the recent but thats just due to being 'down under' (late releases). Oh yeah, thats right, I'm a fucking Aussie. One that somehow managed to find the balance between humorous and insulting racism, which has found me as being the only white person on the forum! So, yeah, thats me I guess. Well, I lie, there is a lot more I could type but hey, A. I'm too lazy and B. I very much doubt any of youse want to hear me life story!

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IT'S ALIVE!...hopefully...

One of the biggest if not the biggest thread of ye ol' forum, I'm proud to have the honor of creating it now. Hopefully, with this new forum, we can keep this thread from dying, like it was ever so renowned for in recent times. So, its a riddle thread! Someone makes a riddle and ya try and guess it. You lose, try again. You win, congrats, a point to you! Now you have to slave and toil to make your own riddle! Anyways...

Only ONE guess per post

-Before posting a second guess, the riddler has to reply to your first post.

-It has to be HALO related

-The Riddler has 3 days to answer the guess. If he doesn't, anyone can take the spot.

-The becoming-riddler has 3 days to post the riddle. If he doesn't, anyone can take the spot.

-The riddle can't be altered after posting. Any modification has to be noticed in a new post.

-Don't edit your guess after the riddle has been solved claiming you did it before, or anything of the sort. This is about having fun, not strictly a competition.

-The answer has to be specific. "A Prophet" when the answer is "Truth" must not be accepted.

Now that thats out of the way, lets get guessing! But to guess, you need a riddle! So, without further adieu...

Of times past and events present.

I preserve. Observe. Record.

It is the burden I have taken upon myself, for I know I must.

For we must learn, as the past holds much.

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@sherlockson said in Halo Riddle Thread:

@sloosecannon Stoopin'

Don't you mean Sloopin'...

Ha haha, ha. I'm just gonna show myself out now...

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And Sook scores first! While I did want to start with an easy riddle to get the ball rolling, I think this was too easy...


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Ah Civilization, back to steal away countless hours. While I do have to admit it is a fantastic game, my enjoyment would be more so if the fucking game didn't keep randomly having every empire declare war on me, even those I haven't discovered! Hell, it even made me declare war on myself! How the fuck does that work? More importantly, how the fuck did they not find this bug when playtesting? And I thought our playtester team was lazy...