Halo Riddle Thread

Forthencho, Lord of Admirals?

non, the hints are in there.

nope, closer than bornstellar or didact though.

Cortana? Hotter or colder?

nop colder, think more covenanty.

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

I attained this mantle by way of war - Attained his power by defeating his father in a duel.

My mighty fist feared by all. - The fist of Rukt

I've lead through soil and sky and faith. - Lead his forces on his ship and on harvest. His faith in the forerunners drove him.

But even I must fall. - Defeated by Tartarus in a duel, ended with him falling down the elevator shaft.

+1 to Whitehalomango

Well damn, I really didn't expect that to be it. Now I have to come up with another riddle...




I have being through dawn.

Held steadfast against the rising tide.

Journeyed through the howling dark.

I saw the other side yet did not survive.

I think I know this one... but Imma let some other people guess first.