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Unfortunately there is no way we can support older versions, for precisely the same reason we don't support the prior expansions to Sins - there are changes we've made to the mod to use features in the current version that are not backwards-compatible.

Our community has some pretty tech-savvy people though, if you explain the issue with updating we might be able to help you update, that way you're up to date!

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Discuss that new awesome book here!

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@SmokeTinyTom said in Screenshots:

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Uh, yea, we don't let people embed js in their posts...

But if you copy the imgur link, it'll automagically create one :)

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Bonjour à tous je un problème et je me demande si je suis le seule a l avoir quand je jouer je mais mode facile et mode économique mais quand je jouer l ia et tre agressive elle même même pas 30 minute à construire un titan suivie de plein d autre vaisseaux et J arrive jamais à gagné pour temps je mais mode facile mais même sa et J arrive pas elle arrive avec plein de vaisseau et jarrive jamais à gagné
Merci de vaus reponce

-- the original topic, for those of us who speak French

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If I'm understanding you right, you're complaining that the AI is too powerful?