Sahara class Prowler model change, removal of the Autumn class cruiser.

Has anything changed for the Saharas model, and if so can we have the old one back? It just looked a bit better than what we currently have. Also, why was the autumn cruiser removed?

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  1. No, Sahara hasn't changed.

  2. Autumn was removed because of balance issues. We believe it too be underpowered - that's the 1st, and the 2nd - it will be back in Post-War Era mod. As of this moment, Valiant-class super cruiser replaced Autumn as a new mainstray heavy capital ship for direct engagements.

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The only change to the Sahara you're probably seeing is the change to how sins handles lighting and textures especially on the highest setting. Some ships look better, some look worse unfortunately.

The issue is related to the recent base Sins update; it changed the way the rendering engine works, and added a lot of functionality related to loading mesh normals with higher resolution details, etc.

Unfortunately a few of the ships look less than stellar now, and are going to eventually need to be redone - which I must note, is being done currently. I'm not sure what the plan for the Sahara is, but it's likely to get a facelift in the future, that will clear up the issue in the recent releases.