Forerunner Artstyle Discussion

The forums have been pretty dead for a while so I'm hoping to spark a little bit of discussion on some things Halo.

Over the years the design of the Forerunners has shifted significantly. During the Bungie days the forerunners changed from having simple geometric shapes to having much more depth and varying their palette of geometry to include much more angular and organic shapes as well as varied colors.

With Halo 4 343 made the Forerunners in an all new light than anything bungie ever did, giving them an ultra advanced look, floating architecture and a certain angularity, a look that fit more with many of the feats described in the extended universe than the original trilogy. Some people hate this look, swearing to Bungies old style, some love it and others see it as a much needed addition to the forerunner artstyle rather than a replacement.

Where do you stand? Do you love the new artstyle? Hate it? What do you think the Forerunners should look like? feel like?

Post your thoughts below, keep it civil and have fun.

I personally like the style, for one if the Forerunners where such an advanced civilization why not be able to do some of the things to their bodies and skeletal structures that 343 depicts? They were said to have reached the highest tier of their race according to the cannon. Everything about them could be so different and awe inspiring from anything people would come to expect in them. I do not like everything 343 is doing with halo, but the art styles they are rendering are still pretty superb from what I have seen come from their studios.

I feel like the more geometric style of Bungie suits the Forerunners better, however I'm not against floaty bits.

I personally am kind of torn on the topic of Forerunner design. On one hand the Bungie era forerunner artstyle is i c o n i c and sort of portrays the mystery and lack of life that the race embues. But the 343 designs kind bring the technology and complexities of the forerunners to light in a more realistic sense.

Like how in the books the Forerunners were portrayed as having lots of micro slipspace bubbles, dyson spheres inside of impossibly small points on a planet entirely made of sentinels, rooms that had strange ways of traversing them to actually progress without being trapped in a temporal reference frame. Lots of time, gravity and robotics.

But in more recent books became weird things like walls that absorbed you in weird ways to enter an unknown room, strangely specific gene seeds, and giant knife robots that EMP planets.

I prefer the old style for its iconic feel and simplicity but I also kind of see sense in the new styles, fitting moreso with the descriptions of the rates and the technological advancement of them as a race.

i think that the way the forunner have been designed is good on both bungi and 343 I am just hoping that when they become a playable faction in the mod ( if they become a playable faction) they are given a very good portrayal and I hope that they are made lore accurate meaning I hope that they are op to hell

I'm honestly mixed. One thing I like about the 343 style are, to an extent, the lights. During Bungie's era, the Forerunners were dead. Majority of their tech wasn't having too much of an effect on the galaxy as a whole outside of the Covenant & UNSC adapting some of the tech for their own.

After Halo 4, with the awakening of the Prometheans & the Didact, it's like the Forerunners are still dead but their powers are reemerging. The previously lethargic tech is being revitalized, with more power visibly rushing through them.

Now that doesn't mean I think it's all great as the lights can be absolutely BLINDING. As for the physical assets themselves, I'm honestly not a fan. There's so much visual noise going on, wit takes away from any sense of majesty. The pillars of Requiem, that absolutely gorgeous scene in the second mission of H4 right before we grab a Warthog, is a fine balance between the classic style & a reawakening theme. The Guardians I hold as exactly NOT what to do.