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@sierra075 said in Cov/ UNSC balancing issues:


Well its lore accurate at least, not sure whats causing the YUGE imbalance. I suppose one of the Playtesters would know.

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I feel like the more geometric style of Bungie suits the Forerunners better, however I'm not against floaty bits.

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Covenant is more offense-based if I recall correctly so their defenses are relatively inferior to SMACs and other UNSC defenses.

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Increase the populations of your planets via the whatever improvement thingy I forgot.
That's probably it.

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Support: but not from a person as reputable as Unikraken

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@베이클라이트 Ah damn, and it was the one thing I was good at.
Kill me please
The Forums apparently hate Imgur URLs.

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High Charity and a Keyship seem a little too big for the Mod, and afaik the Hero Ship selection is random according to a recent SoTP Podcast. You'd probably know more than me because you're a playtester though.

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