Support for older game versions

Hello, because of problems with updating SoaSE to versions past 1.83, im stuck here. I can not find a download for a version of SotP that is compatible with that version of the game. Is it possible for me to get a compatible version of the mod and possible support older versions of the game below 1.85?

how the hell can you download a mod for a game you 'cant update'

Unfortunately there is no way we can support older versions, for precisely the same reason we don't support the prior expansions to Sins - there are changes we've made to the mod to use features in the current version that are not backwards-compatible.

Our community has some pretty tech-savvy people though, if you explain the issue with updating we might be able to help you update, that way you're up to date!

The game is $10 right now on Steam. Stop pirating the game and buy it. It's a good game with a ton of mods. It's from 2012 and still getting updates this year so it's heavily supported. There is no reason to pirate this game. It's easily worth the $40 it normally costs even in 2017. It's well worth $10.