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U sure about that? I might just be having a stroke.....


who are you and what did you do to sternus, spock that looks surpisingly like sternus, but with a fake moustache and glasses?

Such a pretty place. me likey

@agigabyte The only way to earn purple is to dye your name in the blood of the enemies of humanity.

juhuuuuuu! the gema and youtube finally agreed on a contract, so now all the millions of vids that where blocked for germans on youtube will be lifted.

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I believe that is what experts call a "miracle". ^^

Ah Civilization, back to steal away countless hours. While I do have to admit it is a fantastic game, my enjoyment would be more so if the fucking game didn't keep randomly having every empire declare war on me, even those I haven't discovered! Hell, it even made me declare war on myself! How the fuck does that work? More importantly, how the fuck did they not find this bug when playtesting? And I thought our playtester team was lazy...

Sniff. Ah, that new Forum smell.

It took me three hours to fix my Vita today. I think that's more time than Sony spent supporting the thing.

I like the new post UI with the preview pane.

Hey Guys!

Anyone have any good game tips that aint Skyrim or the latest Civ game?

Morrowind and Civ5 :P.

Fuuuuuck it feels like just yesterday I wrote my birthday status on the old forum, and here we are again.


Just found

Pretty cool. Definitely a good use for a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) monitor!

If you ever wanted an animated desktop wallpaper you can get Dreamscape from Humble bundle for $1.

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Just found

Pretty cool. Definitely a good use for a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) monitor!

You could actually download some of those and set them as a wallpaper.

You guys should see about making a subtle SotP themed .dream file. I can't find any neat Halo ones.