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This is a known issue right now, that was caused by the update to v1.92 for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

We'll be making an update to resolve the problem shortly, but for now you can roll back your Sins to v1.91 by following these instructions:

1.) On Steam go to your games library, and locate Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

2.) Right click SoaSE:R, and select properties. This will open up a properties/settings menu for the game.

3.) Select the Betas tab from the properties menu.

4.) Select the beta release for "v191mods - v1.91 for Mod Use Only" in the drop down menu.

5.) Close the properties menu, and launch Sins as usual. The mod should now work as normal, and menus will have been fixed.

We will be providing a v1.92 compatibility patch in the near future, with some additional changes to the build regarding balance - so be sure to grab that on ModDB when we release it! Just be sure to follow these steps listed above again and opt back into v1.92 again so that you can play our next patch without issue.

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@chase314 Hey Chase,

Glad to hear that you're enjoying the mod, and we hope that you haven't had any issues with Darkspacing that some of the other people in this thread, and elsewhere, have had.

Hopefully you don't mind, just going to quickly address that for others: Our latest release was a hotfix that should have resolved any major issues with the release back in September - if you're someone else lurking in this thread seeing ships flying off into the void, I highly recommend making sure to download the latest release of Alpha v0.88.

Anyway, getting back to your post Chase: As you said, we really don't have much control over the AI, so there's not a ton we can do. We can really only nudge the AI to do things we want it to do, and it's all through indirect actions like AI specific research, that players are unable to reach, or changing ship role types. Otherwise, we don't have much influence over what they're doing. Basically, we have two primary options in the way we can potentially manipulate the AI to resolve their difficulty problems, those being:

1.) We can nerf them through removing the AI specific buffs that we've given them, through the research tree. This would have the negative impact of incredibly incompetent AI. We've attempted this in the past, and unfortunately the AI becomes so terrible, so immensely brain dead, that at times it will completely stop building fleets, researching, and upgrading planets. This is not optimal, because we want there to be a challenge for players, and the AI being unresponsive at all difficulty settings isn't quite acceptable for that goal.

2.) We can let them continue to cheat; while this may sound as though it's a bad idea, letting the AI cheat, the alternative is shampoo drinkingly idiotic skill level emanating from AI opponents. Lobotomized enemies are just not fun to play, and unfortunately the only way to avoid that issue is through a continual buff to economy output granted through unreachable research tree items only available to AI players. This has the side effect of letting the AI build massive fleets at considerably lower costs than human players, and allows them to expand and entrench aggressively. This typically explains the overwhelmingly powerful AI you've been encountering.

So, you can either face ridiculously easy AI, or relatively difficult AI. We've obviously chosen difficult, which at times may be a bit of an understatement. I dare you to beat a Reclaimer...

While it's not all peachy facing them, they're not insurmountable, and can be defeated even beyond their veil of cheating level buffs. Some different strategies need to be utilized, and it sounds like you're still in the learning phase for SotP, so I'd suggest hoping into our Discord to learn some new skillz:

Sins of the Prophets Official Discord Server

Hop in, and play some games with the community. We host community game nights every Friday and Sunday, with loads of spontaneous matches throughout the week.

See you there!

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This is an issue with base Sins, though we have been attempting to resolve the issue through some internal changes. We know about the issue, though as it stands there's not much we can do about it. It just happens sometimes.

Unfortunately we cannot dictate what the AI does, as it's all hard-coded into the game, and we can't touch it. We can influence them by changing prices on ships and structures, changing ship class roles, and putting research into the tech tree that players cannot get, but otherwise we're unable to do anything that would tell the AI "Hey, do something instead of sit around all match!"

Some of the issue comes with the way Titans work, some of it comes from buff changes that we have made - the issue may be partially resolved in the next release, though it is ongoing development trying to figure out a 100% solution eventually.

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If you could possibly provide a screenshot, that would help.

What is your screen resolution, and what resolution do you have the game running at? This doesn't sound like a SotP related issue, though I'll be happy to help as much as I can. We haven't had any bugs like this reported internally.

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It wouldn't really be worth it, because as I said, when the MAC is put onto a ability there's a lot of issues with the way the ability fires, and it's not really worth it. Plus, lower skilled players would have issues micromanaging fleets of hundreds of ships, manually dictating which ships should be firing, when the system in place is less micro, and more meta style fighting.

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I'm heavy into economy throughout any given match, and having a strong economy in Sins also means you typically can have a pretty powerful military in the mid-late game, but you're weak for rushes early-mid match, so you've got a bad Achilles Heel when that's your focus.

It works for me though, because if you're smart about it you can turtle for a while, while your economy bubble builds up.

The way to do it is to have a very small initial fleet that is all about fast and efficient expansion, that can take early game unoccupied worlds very quickly, that you can then bolster with upgrades that will boost your economy, like better population centers. This small fleet means you're not really going to be able to defend yourself outside of tactical structures like MAC/Hangers/Patrol Stations, and so when you're on the defense (which you will be) you need to be focusing partially on turtle-ling either some of your inner colonies so you don't get completely swept over, or building a good external defense line on some of your key boarder worlds where you can push an enemy to attack you at.

Basically, don't get any fleet upgrade until you hit the point where you absolutely need a fleet, because fleet supply upgrades (not capital ship slots, but fleet supply specifically) eat away at your economy, as there's a meta surrounding it where you now have to actually monetarily and resource-wise supply your fleet. At later upgrades you might be eating away 50 - 70% of your potential economy just to have a larger fleet, and you might not actually need that larger fleet because you're just focusing on tech early game, unless you're being rushed.

Pushing the civilian tech tree forward, building trade stations, resource extractors, upgrading your planet population upgrades, and making sure every planet has a resource boost structure like a Springhill helps massively push your economy upwards. By the time you're entering the end game your enemies may be spending everything they have to fight you, while you have strong defenses that they can't push through, and you can pump ships out that are fully upgraded because you've had the resources to upgrade a build ships the whole match.

This strategy works for me pretty well, but as I said before, it leaves you weak early - mid match, and you can definitely get trashed by even moderately sized fleets if you're not ready, because you really don't have a major force to defend yourself until late game.

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MACs already have a cooldown - there's generally a 60 second wait between volleys, depending on the ship. You'll notice this in large engagements, as there's waves of MAC rounds fired every so often opening up a new attack of Alpha Damage, which is what the UNSC is balanced around.

If we moved the MAC to an ability slot we would have a lot of issues, as we have done so in the past internally, some time ago, and there was a lot of problems with the way the ability fired off; not to mention we lose a potential unique ability in the process, for a lot of ships that could be cooler with something else as an ability.

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The issue is related to the recent base Sins update; it changed the way the rendering engine works, and added a lot of functionality related to loading mesh normals with higher resolution details, etc.

Unfortunately a few of the ships look less than stellar now, and are going to eventually need to be redone - which I must note, is being done currently. I'm not sure what the plan for the Sahara is, but it's likely to get a facelift in the future, that will clear up the issue in the recent releases.

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Hey Bornstellar, what's up! Long time, no see.

We're mostly all on Discord nowadays - if you check the side bar, by clicking the menu icon on the top left of the website next to the SotP logo, you'll see an option to join our Discord server.

Come join into the conversation over there.

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@Lavo You should look at this, because you speak the language; and whatever Google translate did, it obliterated the original meaning.

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I believe that was the general idea to do; I've wondered for some time what we were using for the actual colonize ability, and didn't realize it was vanilla until recently. We have, I believe, a separate model for the D20 Heron, those big dropships from the Spirit of Fire, we could definitely use them for the particle, though as a model it may put unnecessary stress on the game. That said, I think colonizing happens rare enough where it wouldn't pose a optimization issue, I mean we already use the phantoms, spirits, seraphs, pelicans, longswords, etc, for planetary invasion particles... So why not use the D20 Heron for colonization, make something for the Covenant, and implement?

Or, rather than the D20 Heron, as it's only known to be used by the Phoenix-class support vessels, use the D96-TCE Albatross - though, that would require a new asset be made.

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I have yet to play the latest release, but I definitely do need to do it. I'm also fairly rusty at Arma III in general, so I'm totally up for a game, but don't expect me to survive through any ops.

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Hey there everyone, I'm Idio! Or Matt, whatever you like - though I have been almost exclusively called by my moniker of Idio for the better part of 12 years, within the Halo community.

Most don't know me personally in the broader Halo community, but I have had my hands in every major community that there is known in Halo, and many of you will have likely seen me in one place or another, if you've been around since the days of at least Halo 2. I was there for every major ARG, including ILB (I Love Bees, Halo 2), Iris (Halo 3), Evil Awakens (Halo 4), Glyph (Halo Waypoint - Halo 4), ONI.SEC3 (Halo 4 - Halo 5), #HTT (Hunt the Truth, Halo 5), #HTS (Hunt the Signal, Halo 5), etc. Whenever there's a conspiracy in Halo, I'm there for it. Not sure how many can say that, but I'm sure there's a few of us, and I think it's a testament to the time I've been around Halo. I'm also the guy who wrote all of the unofficial transcripts for ILB, and HTT, so if you ever read anything about those podcasts it's because I painstakingly [read: sloppily] typed what I heard. I'm not part of the lore for nuthin', <ONI.SEC3> OPIDIO reportin' fer duty.

Aside from ARG fun, I'm also the QA Lead right here, for Sins of the Prophets, and you'll likely see me pestering testers to get testin'. It's their work that helps find bugs, and lets the devs squash 'em, and without me they'd probably still do that, because I'm the most expendable part of the dev team. Want my job? You can have it, for the incredible salary of $0.00 per year, with pay up to $0/hr, and a raise of 200% after your first year; plus, a hefty year end bonus of $0.00!

I'm also QA Lead on Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved, a Halo full conversion mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars, QA Tester for Dawn of the Reapers, a Mass Effect full conversion mod for SoaSE:R, and a Community Manager for Phoenix of War, a Halo based gaming community.

Outside Halo, and modding, I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. I have a history of playtesting professionally, and I've been involved in some way or another within the gaming industry for years, having been a writer and/or editor on multiple well known tech and gaming sites, community manager for several groups, and general gaming enthusiast. Games have been a hobby, and a career for me since the beginning,

I enjoy Halo (No duh), Deus Ex, Dead Space, Half Life, Mass Effect, |Insert other SciFi games here|. I'm an avid gamer, and always have been. I enjoy practically any type of game, and don't care whether it's a shooter, or platformer... As long as it has a deep story, good gameplay, and a fantastic soundtrack I'll play it. I love music, and when a game has a OST that can make me cry at its beauty, then it's sure to go down in my all time favorites, and that's what Halo did for me when I first played Halo 2 (And before you say it, YES Halo TWO was my first Halo game, not CE) nearly 12 years ago. I was involved in "I Love Bees" the Halo 2 ARG, and that's really, technically speaking, my first experience with Halo. Soon after that, when Halo 2 was released I made sure to play Halo Combat Evolved, and read the books so I could become more invested in the universe. I've spent more time playing Halo games than I'd like to admit to... It's been a good 12 years.

Wow, this is getting way too long, so I'm just going to end it with that.

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Here's a belated welcome back, Delernil.

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Also, @The-Judge, all table top games are prohibitively expensive. They're selling for fairly niche communities, and HFB is selling for an even more niche community - fans of Halo, that enjoy space combat, and are tabletop fans. Thankfully, there's actually a lot of overlap in the Halo community to support it, and in the greater tabletop playerbase.

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If only there were people in the Philadelphia area that played it as actively as Warhammer groups play 40k. I've played it once, at a walk in match inside a nearby comic shop. No joke. A friend hit me up, and told me to come down to play Fleet Battles, since a guy brought in a huge set of ships, so that people could play. This was right after it launched, so there wasn't too much going on; but boy was it fun. Nothing like it has happened since, at least that I've known of, but I'm not a huge tabletop guy, so I'm really not in the know when it comes to any events in the area - plus, I don't seek it out actively enough to spot it anyway.

I will say, more and more people are hearing of HFB, and more groups are talking about it, and from what I've heard it's selling at a steady good pace, so I expect to see it more often in a year or two after some bigger expansions come out.