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Hey guys!

I'm sure you all know who I am already, but for anyone new to the forums, here's my intro!

I'm Sloosecannon, and I am

for the forums. I also own and run the server hosting the forums and website.

In the past, I also did work on the coding side of the mod. I'm mostly retired now, but I'll take the occasional look at the code.

Welcome to the (new and improved, version 2.0!) Sins of the Prophets forum!

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Discuss that new awesome book here!

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@DGaius You are now an admin :)

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@DGaius said in The Great Migration:

It really helps that NoteBB has dutch translations.

Oh, right, yeah I forgot that's a thing.

Yeah, that's gonna help a lot for our non-English speaking members :)

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@Whitehalomango said in Halo Riddle Thread:

Please don't smite me!

You shall have no mercy.

Not really. I just wanted to put a picture of Thor in your post.

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@KMS_chiefship said in The Official Status Thread:

fck the microsoft store, i paid 90 euros for the halo wars 2 ultimate edition, so i get halo wars 1 for pc too, but guess what, everytime i want to install it, it instead starts to downloading it again and their support is as useless as ever, because all they could say was "download it again". Yeah, because i didn't do this already.
Whatever you do, do not buy stuff from the crappy windows store, i gave them a chance and they f
cked it up.
I'm really pissed off right now.

Try this, might work better:

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I should look into adding that into the troubleshooter. I bet there's an empty field somewhere in the settings to look for.

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Unfortunately there is no way we can support older versions, for precisely the same reason we don't support the prior expansions to Sins - there are changes we've made to the mod to use features in the current version that are not backwards-compatible.

Our community has some pretty tech-savvy people though, if you explain the issue with updating we might be able to help you update, that way you're up to date!